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Starting my own business was awesome, but getting the funding I needed was a struggle. Globalify helped me out BIG TIME! They're a super-powered search engine that finds the right connections to get my startup, MedBrain rolling. Now things are exploding and I'm stoked!

Pol Ricart Entrepreneur, MD

Using Globalify's search engine opened up many new opportunities for collaborations and generated even more interest in my crypto project. It felt like unlocking a door to a world of possibilities that I hadn't even imagined. ¡Es la caña!

Alberto Fernandez Entrepreneur

Thanks to the power of Globalify's proprietary AI Search Engine, I was able to secure the funding I needed from Web2, Web3, and very famous angel investors to seed my startup. I can't recommend them enough!

JL First Time Founder

Globalify helped us discover hidden gems for direct investment as well as amazing Fund Managers to co-invest with. For a select few of the Funds we met via Globalify, we became LPs after strategic intros and meetings facilitated by the platform.

JM Chair, Single Family Office, US & Asia

I used Globalify, a cool search engine, to find people who wanted to learn about my Canadian VR startup. Eric was super helpful and made things easier for me. Thanks to Globalify, I met great people and learned a lot more. Big shoutout to Globalify for making my dreams a bit more real!

Miji Lee First Time Founder

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