Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Globalify?

Globalify is a hub for entrepreneurs to connect with investors from around the world

What is Beta? Beta of the Globalify search engine?

It's an early version of our search engine that connects users with investors. We use it to test and make the search engine better with help from users like you!

Why do I have to pay for the Beta version?

We charge for the beta version because it's a special service that uses advanced tech and important sensitive data. This supports ongoing improvements and ensures keep making the service better.

What do I get by paying for the Premium Version?

Upon signup, having more information filled in enables us to match you to better and more accurate results. It will feature lead investors matched for your startup and more in many different industries. And there is Office Hours, where you can ask our experts for advice.

What is the Knowledge Hub?

It is a space designed by founders, for founders. A close-knit community of innovators. We aim to foster a culture of continuous learning and sharing. We believe that each member brings a unique perspective that enriches the community. It's this collaborative spirit and depth of diverse experience that drive the value of our Knowledge Hub.

Sharing on Knowledge Hub?

You can share your expertise, interests, and experiences in posts and get feedback from other fellow founders who are on the same journey. We encourage you to ask thought-provoking questions and provide answers. Open conversations are pivotal to learning. The direct message feature allows you not only to touch base with other members but could also lead to future collaborations.

Can I stop my monthly subscription?

Of course, you can stop anytime.

Is my information safe with your search engine?

Yes, for sure! We use the best security to keep your info safe and private.

What kind of help can I get?

We offer email help at info@globalify.xyz. Our team is ready to answer your questions. In the Hub, there is an option to post your questions and comments directly, on the activity chats, or can DM us directly, however, it may take us 24 hours to respond.

Will the Beta version get updates?

The Beta version will receive updates every month. These updates will be based on the valuable feedback you provide and the exciting new features we have developed. Additionally, we'll send out scheduled updates and some will be based on the feedback on how we can further improve the search engine.

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